Become an HTAC Volunteer Outreach Ambassador

The Benefits of Volunteering

When you become a HTAC Volunteer Outreach Ambassador, you are joining a group of dedicated individuals who all share a passion for helping to make a difference in the lives of tens of thousands of Afghan girls and boys; children who deserve a chance to go to school, get a quality education, gain skills that will give them a better life, so they can grow up and become proud, productive citizens of their country.

As an Outreach Ambassador, you will have the satisfaction of:

  • Representing our highly-respected organization in your local community.
  • Learn how to conduct meaningful outreach work that educates others about Afghanistan and our work.
  • Strengthening our ability to delivery quality education to Afghan children.
  • Utilizing your own skills, your creativity, and being recognized for your efforts.
As an Outreach Ambassador you will: 
  1. Work in your local community on behalf of HTAC.
  2. Raise awareness about how HTAC’s work is making a difference for Afghan children through our community-based model schools, our innovative educational programs, our quality teacher training programs, and our various educational support services, such as investing in local Afghan communities where we have schools.
  3. Help people understand why educating and empowering Afghan children will help lead to a more secure and safe Afghanistan and reduce the threat of terrorism everywhere.
  4. Motivate individuals, groups and organizations to help support our work.

    How to Get Started

We understand and appreciate that you are considering the possibility of volunteering your time to work on our behalf.  To get started:

  1. Become familiar with HTAC’s programs, schools and services by reviewing Our Work, also on our website.  Identify a program or programs that you would be interesting in educating others about.  Examples- computer education, girls education, cultural exchanges, etc.

  2. Next, review the list of Outreach Ambassador Opportunities (directly below) and identify an activity you would like to try.  If you have an idea that’s not on the list, jot it down.

  3. Contact our USA office in Virginia (703) 848-0407 or info@htac.org and let us know what you would like to do as a volunteer.  Together, we’ll design an interesting and meaningful opportunity for you to pursue.  We can often do this in a single email exchange.

  4. HTAC will then send you a customized volunteer kit for you to review in detail.  NOTE: Potential volunteer residing outside the United States may download HTAC materials from our website.

  5. Once you have received and reviewed your kit, you’re ready to start!  HTAC will be here to answer any of your questions and provide guidance in your efforts.

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HTAC Outreach Ambassador Opportunities  

HTAC believes in working with prospective outreach ambassadors to customize and create volunteer opportunities that address the needs of our organization while making the outreach experience meaningful and satisfying to individuals.   The following list represents a variety of outreach efforts a number of our previous ambassadors have conducted.  This is not an all-inclusive list.  

  1. Host a mini fundraiser at your home
    Invite family and friends to share a meal and learn about HTAC.  Show our DVD and ask everyone to either make a small donation or commitment to share our work with three friends. 

  2. Get a library to support our literacy program
    Educate your local library about our ‘Read Afghanistan’ literacy program where our illustrated bi-lingual storybooks are improving literacy levels for thousands of Afghan children.  Our books can be found on our website.  Get a library to make a donation and help sponsor the continued printing and distribution of these books and we will send them a copy of the book they sponsor.  Your librarian may wish to begin a reading program for local children, using the book(s)! 

  3. Get a book club to support our literacy program
    same concept as #2

  4. Coordinate a school fundraiser on behalf of HTAC
    If you are a middle school or high school student (or live near a school), find a principal and/or teacher who would like their students to learn more about Afghanistan and our work.  Use the DVD and the materials in your information kit to increase awareness among students and ask them to make a small donation.  Set a donation challenge goal!  Monies donated will be targeted to support one of HTAC’s model schools.  Students and teachers/principal will learn about the Afghan school they have supported. 

  5. Start a cultural exchange project with an Afghan school
    This can be done for any middle school or high school where you can find a teacher who would like to get their class interested and personally involved in developing and exchanging an educational project with an Afghan ‘sister’ school.  Part of your job would be to help the class raise funds to support their participation in this project (contact HTAC for details about support guidelines).   

  6. Afghan Student Associations
    If you go to or live near a college or university, find out if they have an Afghan Student Association.  Let them know about our work and get them interested in planning an event (on campus) to raise awareness and raise funds.
  7. Enter a race on behalf of HTAC
    If you run or bike, enter a local race and get people to sponsor your effort by making a contribution to HTAC.  

  8. Go fly a kite!
    In honor of the great Afghan tradition of kite flying, get together with your friends, purchase some kites and promote a kite flying event at your neighborhood park.  People making a donation will be given a kite and get to fly it.  See how many kites can be flying at one time! 

  9. Raise awareness of our work through the local media
    Write a short article about HTAC for your community newspaper.  Do a radio or television interview – or arrange an interview between the station (or newspaper) and one of our HTAC officers in Virginia. 

  10. Make a presentation
    Do you like to speak, or develop your speaking skills?  Here’s your chance.  Raise awareness and support for our work by speaking at a local community organization, school, place of worship, etc. 

  11. Help start an HTAC sponsorship program
    HTAC provides an opportunity for individuals, groups, and organizations to become a sponsor for one of our model schools or any of our educational programs.  Go to our website and read more about sponsorship as well as information about our schools and programs. 

  12. Get a local business or organization to support us
    Perhaps it’s a local business or organization you already know; or one that may have a potential interest in children’s welfare.  Some (larger) organizations often have their own employee giving programs or have a favorite charity.  See if you can find one that might be interested in having HTAC become their charity of choice. 


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HTAC Supporters in Action

HTAC is proud of the many individuals, groups, and organizations that have supported our work through community outreach, fundraisers, and other support. Here are just a few.


 HTAC recognizes Sgt. Jenna Moffitt

Sgt. Jenna Moffitt, a truck commander assigned to the 110th Transportation Company, 419th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion 10th Sustainment Brigade at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan, was profoundly affected by the plight of Afghan children and the daily struggles they go through.  Inspired to make a difference, Sgt. Moffitt contact HTAC and became one of our Outreach Ambassadors.  In September 2014, she raised awareness about our work through a presentation for members of her Brigade.

Afghan Vines posts a video challenge on their Facebook page

This group made a video challenging Afghans to chew chili pepper for 20 seconds and to donate to HTAC. 

HTAC recognizes Marisa Engler & Eclectic Hippie

HTAC salutes Marisa Engler, an accessory design student at the Fashion Institute in New York City, who loves to create one-of-a-kind accessories for Eclectic Hippie, a unique fashion design group that’s passionate about spreading the message of peace, positive role modeling and creating outlets for children. 

Inspired by our work, Marisa created an awesome headwrap which Marisa and Eclectic Hippie are donating 50% of its proceeds to supporting HTAC.


HTAC recognizes Dave Hancock

When Dave Hancock from Centennial, Colorado heard about the tragic death of Anne Smedinghoff, a 25-year-old American Diplomat killed in Southern Afghanistan on April 6, 2013 (who was working with a team delivering math and science books to a boys school), he was inspired to do something for Afghan children in Anne’s memory.

Dave contacted Help the Afghan Children, learned about our volunteer program, and quickly went to work.  As an outreach volunteer, Dave researched and contacted businesses asking for their help in raising funds for HTAC, put a story together for our Facebook page, spoke at organizations in the Greater Denver area to raise awareness of our efforts, ran a half-marathon on our behalf, and established a partnership with Chick-fil-A to help promote our work. 

Dave Hancock and Chick-fil-A representative

Dave’s efforts raised $1,050 that has been targeted towards our model school program; one of Dave’s favorite HTAC initiatives.

Dave also applied for and received an employee engagement action grant from the CH2M Hill Foundation for an additional $500 that was earmarked for HTAC as well.

HTAC is proud to recognize Dave Hancock for making a difference.  Just as Dave was inspired by Anne Smedinghoff, we hope Dave’s efforts will inspire others who wish to join our volunteer team.

Afghan-American students at UC Irvine raise funds for HTAC

School girls in Italy raise money for HTAC

Rock the World Concert


HTAC salutes 5 awesome sophomores from Henry M. Jackson High School in Mill Creek, Washington – Saidutt Nimmagadda, Sridutt Mimmagadda, Chanelle Swem, Connor Willgress and Demetrius Badua – whose “Change the World” project raised $542.75 to support our work.

In their World History class, the students were challenged to identify an issue affecting people around the world and through their research, they determined that educating children in developing countries, like Afghanistan, could make a difference in their lives and help change the country for the better.  We’re grateful they selected HTAC as their charity of choice.

Their project morphed into organizing a fundraising concert where five local bands performed out of the goodness of their hearts, for free.

Check out the photos

Students at ARTech Charter School


As part of their learning curriculum, students at ARTech Charter School (near Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota), were challenged to engage in a learning service project that involved identifying an organization or worthy cause to support, then devising and implementing a plan to help that organization in some way.

Three wonderful students, Sophie, Isabel and Bella discovered HTAC on-line, became inspired by our work, and decided to raise funds on our behalf.   The girls went out to local businesses in the community to promote HTAC, and ask people to donate some of their change in the collection jars they left at the businesses.   

Several weeks later, they went back to collect the jars and were delighted to see that a lot of caring people had stuffed the jars with several hundred dollars.  HTAC is proud and honored to recognize Sophie, Isabel and Bella for reaching out to raise awareness and support for our work.

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Classical High School holds Kite Day to support HTAC sister school

Inspired by Khaled Hosseini’s book “The Kite Runner”, English teacher Patty Frey’s 10th grade class at Classical High School (Lynn, Massachusetts), decided to make a difference for Afghan children by flying kites – lots of them.

Patty and her class connected with HTAC and we thought a great way to make their support meaningful was to connect them with Rokhshana High School, their new sister school in Kabul.  The students wanted to find and fly authentic Afghan kites so Patty made arrangements with her good friend and former Classical teacher Asiya Hamizad, whose husband was in Kabul and purchased 100 kites to bring back to the U.S.

The kids then sold the kites to their classmates and friends at $10 a piece, raising $1,000 for HTAC and our cultural exchange program.  Students also wrote letters to students at their new sister school which HTAC plans to translate and share them with the Rokhshana students.

Please click here to read the full story and photos.

 Oyster River High School students raise money for HTAC

May 27, 2011- Students at Oyster River High School in Durham, New Hampshire organized a benefit concert to support HTAC’s work in Afghanistan.  Their project – The Power of One is designed to promote how people can make a change in the world (no matter how small) and that educating Afghan children can benefit both Afghanistan and America.  Monies raised went to support HTAC’s Read Afghanistan literacy program.


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Case High School in Racine, Wisconsin has been a cultural exchange partner with Rokhshana High School in Kabul for several years

In 2011, students in Kari Steckauer’s class raised awareness about their sister school and funds to support the program by holding a kite flying event at their school.


Kari Stechauer's class


Lake Country School, Hartland, WI raises funds for sister school  in Afghanistan

Students in Ms. Trina Wesley’s 7th grade class at Lake Country School raised $820 for their new sister school in Afghanistan, Abdullah Bin-Omar Middle School.


Moms Against Poverty Fundraising Gala

Moms Against Poverty (MAP), has been a major supporter for HTAC since November, 2008.  MAP has raised funds to expand our literacy program and sponsor Rokhshana Girls School, one of HTAC’s model schools, in Kabul, Afghanistan.  In October 2009 in Burlingame, California over 700 guests attended their annual gala, which raised funds for HTAC and three other charities.  In March 2010, they held their Norooz Fundraising Gala at the Cherry Blossom Restaurant and Banquet Hall in Potomac Falls, Virginia, to support HTAC’s work and the work of several of its other preferred charities.  

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The Capt. Matthew Freeman USMC Memorial Fund Supports Literacy for Afghan Children


2009 "Fly-A-Kite" Event in Bellingham, WA Benefits HTAC 
HTAC supporters from the greater Bellingham, Washington area held their 2nd Annual "fly-a-kite" event in June, 2009 at Boulevard Park with proceeds going to supporting HTAC.

Students at Western Washington University Sponsor Event to Benefit HTAC

W Washington Univ - Kite photo

In 2008, students at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington organized a kite flying event and fundraiser at their campus. The event was to celebrate Afghanistan’s proud tradition of kite flying while bringing greater awareness of HTAC’s work to students and the general public.


The Afghan Student Association at the University of Toronto in Mississauga

Help the Afghan Children Associsation

The Afghan Student Association at the University of Toronto in Mississauga selected HTAC as their charity of choice, and held a fundraising event where they served Afghan food and showed slides and films about Afghanistan. Their successful effort raised money to support HTAC’s “Read Afghanistan” literacy program.


Cyclists for Afghanistan Children

Cyclists for Afghanistan Children (CFAC) is a group of dedicated U.S. Marines (and athletes), who are cycling and raising funds to help support Mustaghni Boys School in Kabul, Afghanistan. The CFAC effort was organized by Andy Christian, a Major in the Marine Corps who is currently stationed at Bagram Airbase, just north of Kabul.

Andy and his fellow Marines originally got involved in fundraising efforts in 2006 by competing in Ironman triathlons and other endurance events to support families of slain or wounded Marines in Iraq and now they wish to do the same for the children of Afghanistan; particularly the students at Mustaghni.

With so much attention these days devoted to educating girls, HTAC is delighted that CFAC wishes to support this school of approximately 650 boys. Afghan boys who grow up uneducated and unemployed are highly vulnerable to extremist elements (which perpetuate the cycle of violence and terrorism in the country). With supporters like CFAC and other donors, HTAC wants to give these youth a quality education and skills (like computer literacy), so they can grow to become proud, productive citizens and help move Afghanistan away from constant war and toward peace and stability.

HTAC will be reporting on funds raised by Cyclists for Afghanistan Children (CFAC) and    where these monies will go to support Mustaghni Boys School. Total funds raised to date: $1,000 (Thank you CFAC!)


Mustaghni Boys School in Kabul, Afghanistan


What Do Program Volunteers Receive?

  • The personal satisfaction and fulfillment of being a part of a very special organization that is making a difference in the live of thousands of Afghan children, their teachers, their families, and communities.
  • An HTAC T-Shirt
  • A DVD film that chronicles our work
  • Their name (and volunteer work) listed on our website and other literature   

For more information about our involvement programs, contact us by e-mail or call (703) 848-0407.

HTAC film Screening & Fundraiser

Right In Your Own Home!

Help the Afghan Children film screening & fundraiser

Would you like to be involved in a fun and informative way to not only bring friends and family together, but to help support HTAC's work in providing quality education to the children of Afghanistan?

If so, HTAC is looking for interested supporters to hold a "fundraiser screening" of a new short film “Path to Brightness" -17 Minutes- which gives a wonderful overview of HTAC's projects and programs in Afghanistan.

By inviting family, friends, neighbors, and anyone you feel would be interested in learning about our efforts to restore Afghanistan's devastated educational system, HTAC hopes to reach out to more and more people who want to become active in supporting education for Afghanistan's children.

If you are interested in getting involved, then please
call us: 1-703-848-0407 or Email us:

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